Are you a science teacher who believes in hands-on learning but don't have time to do it?

Do you want to try A new innovation in science education?


Your students will use manipulatives that are connected to a program in their computer that will guide them to learn science concept through numerous hands-on experiments. Each student will be guided by a personalized online lesson and will learn through playing.


Your benefits:

  • save time while doing hands-on science
  • see your students progress in real time
  • notice immediately when your students need help

Watch the video below !!




Hands-on toolkit

Designed inclusively for all students, for all learning styles: audio, visual and kinesthetic.

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Online curriculum

A web-based program using formative assessments and PBL that runs on Chromebooks, Android, and iPad. No apps/software download required.

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Learn about natural and scientific phenomena while performing experiment.


Try the toolkit

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